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Diabetes Screening

The Brattleboro Walk-In Clinic conducts free diabetes screenings in the community. These screenings are in memory of Joanna Chorash. The screenings are meant to raise awareness, and educate the public about diabetes and help determine if participants should seek follow-up with a medical provider regarding their random blood glucose screening. The screening involves a simple blood test and will provide an initial measure of random blood glucose levels. The screenings takes less than 5 minutes. The CDC estimated in 2005 that 20.8 million or 7% of the US population has diabetes.

As of 2005, the Vermont Department of Health estimates the following regarding diabetes in Vermont:

  • About 40,000 Vermonters have diabetes, although only about 27,000 know they have the disease. This leaves about 30% undiagnosed
  • Annual direct and indirect costs are estimated to be about 300 million
  • Diabetes is the 6th leading cause of death in Vermont
  • From 1998-2003 Windham County had 94.7 diabetes related deaths per 100,000 people.

The Vermont Department of Health wants to reduce the number of diabetes related deaths in the state per 100,000 to 45 by 2010. In 2002 diabetes related deaths were 93.2 per 100,000.

The Brattleboro Walk-In Clinic believes that early diagnosis of diabetes, and proper treatment, which includes diet and exercise, will help the Vermont Department of Heath reach it goals by reducing the complications of diabetes and reduce the overall healthcare costs associated with this disease.