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charitable giving opportunities

Giving Opportunities:
Most of our supporters know that the Brattleboro Walk-In Clinic relies on community support for most of its budget. We are always happy to receive contributions of checks or cash of any amount, and many individuals include us on their annual giving lists.

Making Strategic Gifts:
There are many other ways to help out the Clinic, too. Although we can always use the cash that comes our way, there are other strategies that help a donor give generously without being pinched. By that, we mean there are tax-advantaged strategies available that are useful for transferring assets to us without touching your cash flow.

Giving from an IRA:
The latest technique approved by Congress permits a person who is at least age 70½ to contribute directly from a traditional IRA to a charitable organization like ours. Law passed in 2006 exempts from taxation a distribution from a traditional IRA when made to a charity by the end of this year. This generous law is very helpful to those who must take required minimum distributions each year. A charitable distribution counts toward that required minimum but avoids the usual income taxation. The window of opportunity on this technique will expire at the end of 2007.

Other longstanding techniques remain very helpful as well. Among them are:

Gifts of Appreciated Property:
We have in place a simple, cost-free means to receive gifts of stock and mutual funds. Many people prefer to make gifts of investment assets that have appreciated in value because the entire market value of the gift is deductible, and a sizeable gift can be accomplished without involving your cash. We will be happy to provide you with delivery instructions for any investment assets you wish to transfer.

Charitable Trusts:
A simple but very adaptable means of making a long-term gift of assets while retaining an income stream from them is the charitable remainder trust. This technique was originally designed for the very wealthy donor, as it has a number of important tax and investment benefits, but it has proven to be effective for gifts of more modest amounts as well. Among these benefits are these:

  • An income tax deduction is computed for gifts to such a trust
  • Capital gains on the sale of contributed assets can be deferred or possibly eliminated
  • The trust assets are eliminated from any estate-tax computation
  • A distribution rate can be determined at the outset by the donor. This type of arrangement is very useful for transforming an asset that does not generate income, or which is highly appreciated and an overly large concentration, into a productive and well-diversified portfolio.
As you can imagine, this technique requires the involvement of your attorney and financial planning advisor. We will of course be happy to discuss it further with you and your advisors as well.

Estate-Planning Gifts:
The Brattleboro Walk-In Clinic appreciates all those who include us in their charitable giving, and we would also like to be remembered and considered in estate planning, regardless of the amount.

Despite commitment to charities during our lives, fewer than 10 percent of us remember charities at the end of our lives. Sometimes people think that charities aren’t interested in small gifts, but every dollar counts at the Brattleboro Walk-In Clinic. Creating a personal charitable legacy is a deliberate process, of course, but often a bequest from a will is a simple matter to arrange. In addition, there are other, very effective ways to accommodate particular needs you may have for charitable giving in regard to tax and investment planning.

We encourage you to e-mail us for more information about including charities in your planned giving now and in the future. Click here to fill out a request for more information.